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Business Meeting

 13 November 2019
 Rotary Community Center, New Panvel
 Business Meeting.
 The 11th meeting of the club was a Business meeting and only Rotarians were invited for the same. The meeting was called to order by President. After National Anthem, President welcomed all the Rotarians present for the meeting. The communications from District were read out by the President: Appeal was made to enrol for the DISTRICT CONFERENCE 2020 scheduled on 4th & 5th January 2020 at Marigold Banquets, Pune. Members can register through the link sent in the e-mail, 3131 app, or via District website. Visiting Rotarians from RC Panvel Central made an announcement regarding the Women Marathon against Cervical Cancer arranged by their club scheduled on 22nd December 2019. They appealed to all the female members and Anns of the club to participate in large numbers. PP Rtn. Aliasgar Vohra announced that a scout team of Bohra Jamaat can perform during this event which was applauded by the members of the visiting club and also by our club members. Minutes of 6th BOD meeting were read by the Secretary and kept for approval of the General Body. Information was shared by the President about the following activities of Last Fortnight: # 29th October Distribution of Diwali sweets to Orphanage named Bless Foundation at New Panvel. # 10th November Seventeen club members attended TRF Seminar at Pune where our President Rtn. Dr. Prakash was felicitated as one of the Smart 20 Presidents Major Donor. A special acknowledgment was made by DRFC PDG Rtn. Dr. Girish about the highest attendance of our club members for this event. PN Rtn. Gurudev Singh Kohli introduced the team to RIPN Shekhar Mehta. The team interacted with RIPN and had exchanges of ideas regarding growth of club and Rotary in general. President appealed to all the Rotarians to participate in Activities of Coming Week namely: A. Teacher's Training and Selection Program for their projects based on Work Experience (Kaaryaanubhav) subject. This will be in association with "Praadeshik Vidya Praadhikaran Mumbai." On 16th November (Saturday) At Rotary Community Centre From 11 am to 5 pm. B. Karate for Self Defence On 19th November At Harigram School A discussion was also ensued about the preparations of AG and DG visit coming in next fortnight. It was decided to perform a mock DG visit one week prior to the actual DG visit on 4th December. President once again appealed to all the members to pay the club fees. Chairman of the President Nomination Committee, PP Rtn. Dr. Janardhan announced the schedule of the election of Club President (2022-23). PP Rtn. Arvind said that usually the IPP heads the nomination committee and why this is not followed this time. To this President replied that there is no such rule or directive regarding the same and it’s a President’s call to select the committee and its chairman. Rtn. Dr. Jayashree announced about the All-Women Bike/Scooty Rally scheduled on 1st December. She appealed to all the lady Rotarians and Anns to participate in the same. The participants will be lady Rotarians, Anns, Annets, Inner Wheel members and Rotaractors. President announced that the internal matters of the Club/Trust should not be discussed outside the club. A Disciplinary Action Committee was formed in the 6th BOD meeting dated 06/11/2019. President increased the membership of the said DAC to include all the current Past Presidents of the Club such that the PPs who were left out of the committee were included in the said committee. President said all the matters related to disciplinary action shall be discussed and acted upon in the said committee and the matters related to this DAC shall not be taken up in the Regular Meeting. PP Rtn. Chandrashekhar said there should be a regular practice that the minutes of the Trust meeting should be read in the Club meeting. PP Rtn. Arvind said formation of DAC is a good decision as all PPs are members of this, but PP Rtn. Dr. Janardhan should not be the chairman of the said committee as he himself is one of the complainants and that President himself should chair the DAC. President requested that PP Rtn. Prakash Shringarpure being one of the seniors of the Club should chair the DAC. PP Rtn. Prakash Shringarpure agreed to this only if he is unanimously chosen by the present members in the meeting. All the members agreed and PP Rtn. Prakash Shringarpure replaced PP Rtn. Dr. Janardhan as the chairman of the DAC. Objections were raised by PP Rtn. Dr. Sampat and PP Rtn. Chandrashekhar to certain points in the minutes and demanded that those comments be removed from the said minutes. President agreed to this and said that the amended minutes will be read in the next BOD and then be kept for approval in the General Body. PP Rtn. Ali Asgar informed that the Bohra Jamaat will be observing the Burhani Environment Day and will conduct the competitions at school and have the prize distribution ceremony at the Jamaat. Trust Secretary, PP Rtn. Rajendra read the minutes of the Trust meeting and gave information about various projects taken up by the Trust. He declared that a committee has been formed for getting clarification regarding the hoarding from the concerned vendor. PP Rtn. Arvind said that the Trust’s accounts should be read in the club meeting only after approval in the Trust meeting. The Secretary Announcement was made. The meeting was adjourned followed by cake cutting. There were a total of 41 members present for the meeting.
Business Meeting Business Meeting
Business Meeting Business Meeting